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BHA's Rental Acquisition or RAP units are located throughout the town of Barnstable.  RAP units are condos and single family homes that are purchased at an affordable rate by the Housing Authority.  Our RAP units remain affordable in perpetuity.  This type of purchase allows BHA to rent to people that typically are working families, and their income is too much to qualify for public housing but not enough to rent on the open market.  

The RAP program targets certain income levels based upon the average median income.  For example, some units are rented to families making between 50 and 65% of AMI, some units to tenants earning 80% or less of AMI.  *To be eligible for a RAP unit, the family must be able to pay no more than 30% of their income towards rent and utilities. 

for a family of 3 average gross income should be roughly $42,000 per year or $3,500 per month